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Collection and Delivery

Ebay or Online Purchases

If you have bought a car online from a dealer or made an auction purchase, Black Cat can collect your vehicle safely and legally. With a collection you don't have to worry about the vehicle being insured, taxed or having an MoT because on the back of the truck none of that is required. Don't risk 6 points on your licence and a large fine by towing an uninsured vehicle, remember if any wheel is in contact with the road surface that vehicle must be insured, taxed and MoT'd. 

With air suspension at the rear the truck can accommodate lowered vehicle without causing damage. 

If you are wanting to sell a vehicle through an auction, reach out to a much larger buying audience by offering a delivery sevice. We can deliver your vehicle to anywhere in the country, just get in touch for a quote which will be calculated purely on a mileage basis.

We are fully insured to collect and deliver vehicles.

Motor Traders

If you are in the motor trade contact us for preferential rates on all your vehicle movements. Whether it be a purchase from an auction house, relocation to another site or a home delivery service to your customers we are able to offer you an efficient service. 

We now offer LIVE TRACKING so you can see where your vehicle is until it reaches the destination.

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