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Vehicle Diagnostics

Modern cars are complicated these days, pretty much everything is controlled by a module of some sort. We can do a full health check and module scan to see if there are any errors lurking. If something is not working the chances are there will be a fault code stored in the module. Whilst the fault code isn't always the definitive answer it will provide direction on how to fix the fault.

If you're thinking of buying a car we can meet you at the prospective vehicle and run a full diagnostic health check prior to you making a decision, contact us for a quote.





Do you have the dreaded 'engine light' displayed on the dash? Don't delay in getting the code read, there could be an underlying issue affecting performance and driveability. We can come to your home or location of choice, read the code and clear if necessary. This includes airbag and ABS lights. Prices from £40


Please note that if the cause of the engine management light is not rectified then it is most likely to reappear. 

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